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Detective Services

Our company is developing a new area of services — detective work. License of private investigator gives the right to provide services in the field of investigation. Let us consider what the private investigator can do and how it can be useful for our Customers.

For the purpose of investigation it is permitted to provide the following services:

1) Collection of information on civil cases on a contractual basis with participants of the process. Private detective will help you to discover the hidden assets of any person in order to recover your debt. Then having the documentary evidence in your hands you can go to the bailiff.

2) Market research, data gathering for business negotiations, identifying insolvent or unreliable business partners. This includes everything that is called business or «competitive» intelligence service. This information is primarily needed for legal entities (especially those who have not established its own security service). No one serious businessman will sign a large contract without verifying the reliability of their partner. However, individuals should not forget about such possibility to use the services of private detective. Because you know all of us at least once in a lifetime encounter with companies (insurance, estate agency, etc.).

3) Establishing the circumstances of illegal use of company logos and names in business, unfair competition, as well as the disclosure of information constituting a trade secret. It is hardly to find a businessman who has not suffered from unfair competition at least once. A private detective will help you to restore justice and believe us; the money you will spend on such services will be far less than those which you could spend on fighting with unscrupulous competitor.

4) Clarification of biographical and other information which can characterize personality of individual citizens (with their written consent) when concluding employment agreement and other contracts. Hardly any serious company will hire, for example, to the position of chief financial officer or commercial director, based only on data that he indicated in the summary. And if he was suspected of theft in his previous job or was tried? Private detective will help you to understand the matter by providing the necessary data after the check held.

5) Search of missing persons. Unfortunately, overwhelming scope of work in the internal affairs bodies does not always allow its employees pay due attention to every case and you may have to wait a long time to see the results. Inviting the private detective — a real chance to find the right person, including the person declared as missing. Our private detective performs search of people by having access to various databases.

6) Search of the lost property by citizens or enterprises, institutions and organizations. In this case, a private investigator can help you, if the circle of suspects is limited (especially if you do not want this became known to a wide circle of persons).

7) Collection of information on criminal cases on a contractual basis with participants of the process. Within a day after the conclusion of the contract with the customer on collecting such information, private detective has to notify in writing the person conducting the inquiry, the investigator or the court where is the criminal case. There is just one slight objection: the detective is not authorized to carry out procedural measures (interrogation, detention), but he is not prohibited to him to collect the necessary information in a lawful way with subsequent transfer of materials to law enforcement agencies.

8) Search of the person who is a debtor in accordance with an executive document, search of his/her property, as well as search of a child under the executive document containing the requirement to remove a child on a contractual basis with claimant.

We are ready to provide to our customers comprehensive support and provide the whole range of services you need!

Additional information

Our company is developing its activities in the regions, ensuring needs of our customers in a professional and reliable protection.

At the moment we work in Moscow, in Moscow Region, Kaluga region, Krasnodar region, in St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kazan.

The most important principle of our work - the integration all system security solutions in the business processes of our customers. On Customer request, we are ready to open a regional office in 30 days.

We are especially pleased when expanding their business in the regions, our partners choose our company as a provider of security services.

We thank our partners for their trust and we are ready to ensure security of your business and provide full support throughout the Russian Federation.

We intend to continue to expand our presence in regions and we are glad to offer cooperation for all concerned clients.