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Provision of legal assistance

Besides objective consulting on specific issues concerning organization of protection and elaboration of recommendations, we are pleased to offer such service as a subscription for a legal assistance, counseling, preparation of recommendations on protection against wrongful actions on the part of oversight authority and law enforcement agency and further safety support of your business.

Fairly often when implementing the official powers (or under the pretext of implementation of such powers) employees of government regulatory bodies or law enforcement agencies during inspections are able to violate the rights and legitimate interests of legal persons or citizens for various reasons (monetary enrichment, under the influence of competitors, etc.) through:
 — sending of illegal and unreasonable demands or requests for documents;
 — sending of illegal and unreasonable demands for attendance of supervisors in various investigative or legal proceedings;
 — implementation of sudden documentary audits of the financial activities of the organization in offices, conducting searches or other procedures involving the withdrawal of commercial documents, seals or property of the organization that can cause significant problems and real threat to the business.

If you use such service you have the opportunity around the clock getting professional help in various difficult situations (including the above circumstances) that emerged on the territory of the Moscow region.

Our experts excellent oriented in the intricacies of procedural law governing the actions of the police, prosecutors, investigative committee, tax or labor inspections, they are aware of any changes in the law that allows them to navigate quickly in different critical situations and give legal assessment of actions of the regulatory and law enforcement authorities as well as quickly identify of possible offenses committed by law enforcement officials.

Our experts will not only give you competent advice on the phone on the action to be taken to protect you, but also will help you by their personal presence. They will arrive as soon as possible with subsequent representation of the organization's interests in front of law enforcement or supervisory bodies with the preliminary analysis of the situation and preparation of the necessary documents.

In addition, we provide the following legal services:

  • representation of the clients` interest in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts for employment and corporate disputes, including consultation, analysis and preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • consulting on corporate, employment, criminal, civil law;
  • consulting on criminal cases, preliminary inquiries and representation of interest for individuals and entities in front of the Prosecutor's Office, the investigative committee, the police, the labor inspectorate;

Thus, our integrated approach guarantees that the assigned tasks will be solved as soon as possible and with maximum benefit to you.

We guarantee full confidentiality of the information provided.

Additional information

Our company is developing its activities in the regions, ensuring needs of our customers in a professional and reliable protection.

At the moment we work in Moscow, in Moscow Region, Kaluga region, Krasnodar region, in St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kazan.

The most important principle of our work - the integration all system security solutions in the business processes of our customers. On Customer request, we are ready to open a regional office in 30 days.

We are especially pleased when expanding their business in the regions, our partners choose our company as a provider of security services.

We thank our partners for their trust and we are ready to ensure security of your business and provide full support throughout the Russian Federation.

We intend to continue to expand our presence in regions and we are glad to offer cooperation for all concerned clients.