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Providing security for public or mass events

The main challenge that the organizers of events of any kind face is ensuring that it takes place perfectly. Ensuring the security of public or mass events plays a critical role in achieving this objective.

The security services of our first class agency enable you to minimize and eliminate such threats as terrorism, overcrowding, drunk fights, disorderly conduct, theft, and obsessive behavior on the part of fans and paparazzi, as well as other incidents characteristic of public events.

Moreover, good organized and competent security system raises the hosts’ status in a qualitative manner and makes a very positive impression on guests and participants.

The private security company Security 2000 provides security services with respect to ensuring the security of public and mass events, which are held both in the city and outside. To date, we have already carried out work on the following objects:

  • Cultural and sporting events
  • Business meetings, conferences, seminars, congresses, etc.
  • Public gatherings of a social or political nature (party congresses, conventions, rallies, demonstrations, parades)

The make-up of the security team, its technical capacities and respective security strategy are determined according to the nature and scope of activities of the event being held. In any case, security services provided by the private security company Security 2000 to ensure the safety of mass events is always characterized by a high level of preparedness, an operational plan that is accurate and developed in advance, and an individual approach to every client.

Event security provided by the private security company Security 2000 includes:

  • Analysis and preparation of recommendations for security events, including the following elements of security:
  • Inspecting the territory in question before and after the event
  • Organizing a controlled access regime
  • Preventing the possibility that prohibited articles could find their way onto the premises
  • Preventing provocations and illegal actions directed at participants as well as organizers
  • Liaising with law enforcement officials and representatives with respect to the personal protection of guests and participants of the event
  • Ensuring peace and order at the event
  • Protecting the property both of the participants and guests
Additional information

Our company is developing its activities in the regions, ensuring needs of our customers in a professional and reliable protection.

At the moment we work in Moscow, in Moscow Region, Kaluga region, Krasnodar region, in St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kazan.

The most important principle of our work - the integration all system security solutions in the business processes of our customers. On Customer request, we are ready to open a regional office in 30 days.

We are especially pleased when expanding their business in the regions, our partners choose our company as a provider of security services.

We thank our partners for their trust and we are ready to ensure security of your business and provide full support throughout the Russian Federation.

We intend to continue to expand our presence in regions and we are glad to offer cooperation for all concerned clients.