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Audit of security facilities

Audit is holding on the following criterion:

1. Evaluation of existing rules and procedures

Access mode

  • Identification and analysis of the territory, its points of access
  • Types of passes that are used at the site
  • Control of entry and exit procedures when the personnel pass through
  • Monitoring of visitor registration
  • Monitoring of temporary staff registration
  • Analysis of the application procedures for visitors
  • Assessment of the regulations of manufacturing of passes
  • Proposal for the organization of access mode to the site

Carrying out of material values

  • Monitoring of the procedure of carrying out of material values
  • Checking the conformity of responsible persons
  • Checking the conformity of the procedure to take out of goods and materials
  • Checking the procedure of archiving applications for taking out of goods and materials
  • Security Service`s suggestion concerning control procedure on the movement of goods and materials

Displacement of goods and materials

  • Assessment of control procedure of storage areas
  • Verification procedures when moving of goods and materials

Goods and materials

  • Procedures of sealing the vehicles

Storage of goods and materials

  • Evaluation of storage places of goods and materials
  • Evaluation of protectability of high-value goods and materials
  • Access to the storage facilities
  • Checking the relevance of documentation in the storage areas

Storage and disposal of goods and materials

  • Evaluation of storage and utilization procedures
  • Checking the magazine of control
  • Assess the storage and utilization areas

Storage and distribution of keys

  • Checking the procedure of distribution / the surrender of keys
  • Checking the magazine of key distribution
  • Checking the storage place for keys
  • Checking the conformity of the lists on the right to receive the keys

Inside mode

  • Checking the existing rules of finding staff in the workplace
  • Checking the compliance with the rules by the staff of the company
  • Assessment of compliance with labor regulations by personnel

Compliance with safety regulations

  • Study of the procedures and rules
  • Control the execution of rules and safety procedures by the personnel

Fire safety

  • Inspection of premises for the compliance with the generally accepted rules of fire safety
  • Checking the status of the primary fire-extinguishing appliances
  • Analysis places of evacuation

2. Evaluation of effectiveness of technical security equipment

Engineering protective equipment of perimeter

  • Estimation of the protection of windows
  • Estimation of the protection of doors
  • Estimation of the protection of gates
  • Assessment of used locks and bolts
  • Evaluation of perimeter fencing

Video surveillance

  • Study of working documents
  • Evaluation of functionality the equipment
  • Evaluation the effectiveness of the system

Security alarm

  • Study of working documents
  • Evaluation of functionality the equipment
  • Evaluation the effectiveness of the system

Access control system

  • Study of working documents
  • Evaluation of functionality the equipment
  • Evaluation the effectiveness of the system

3. Evaluation of effectiveness, quantity and functionality of existing security service

  • Quantity of guard posts
  • Areas of responsibility of the guard posts
  • Guard posts documentation
  • Instructional documentation of the guard posts

At the end of audit the client receives the document which defines all the articles listed above. At the end of each section we offer implementation of rules and procedures which will help to reduce the risks to safety and minimize potential problems.

Implementation of the proposed solutions will enable to establish (form) the security system that is capable of withstand estimated risk and threats, ensure the safety of life and health of service staff and visitors of the site, as well as material and financial resources and provide conditions under which clients, visitors and personnel can feel safe, comfortable and protected.

Layouts of guard posts, placement of the technical and engineering facilities on the layout are attached to the document. All procedures and forms that must be implemented at the site are attached too.

Additional information

Our company is developing its activities in the regions, ensuring needs of our customers in a professional and reliable protection.

At the moment we work in Moscow, in Moscow Region, Kaluga region, Krasnodar region, in St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kazan.

The most important principle of our work - the integration all system security solutions in the business processes of our customers. On Customer request, we are ready to open a regional office in 30 days.

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